Lifeguard is a pro-life, Christian organization whose primary mission is dedicated to ending abortion and saving lives, both the parent's and child's, from the scourge of abortion mainly through committed prayer and counseling on the frontlines - outside the nation's child-killing centers


Lifeguard seeks to:

  *  Protect the totally helpless innocent child in the womb
  *  Protect the mother, the second victim, from the harmful effects of abortion on her health, mind, soul, and body
  *  Educate the public on the dignity of the preborn human person and any intent to kill this innocent child can never be justified
  *  Educate the public about the whole truth about abortion
  *  Recruit and train others for mobilized prayer in support of front-line activities

Sidewalk Counseling Training

Lifeguard offers sidewalk counseling training sessions for those interested in talking the abortion-minded away from abortion.  Sidewalk counseling is no easy task as the women at abortion centers are seeking or have scheduled an abortion.  Sidewalk counselors are the last line of defense for the baby scheduled to die and for the women who is often not aware of the many physical and emotional dangers and effects as a result of an abortion.

Sidewalk counselors offer mothers help available by the local community such as free pregnancy tests and ultra-sounds, counseling and alternatives to abortion, medical care and other assistance.

Training sessions include talks by experienced counselors on topics such as:
  *  The basic principles necessary to be effective
  *  How to prepare before counseling
  *  The nature of the woman seeking the abortion
  *  Do's and don'ts of sidewalk counseling

Lifeguard would be happy to train your group.  Please contact Ruby Nicdao at rnicdao3@verizon.net for more information.


Lifeguard is an incorporated, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization.  Donations to Lifeguard are tax-deductible, send checks to:

Lifeguard, Inc.
P.O. Box 2031
Montgomery Village, MD 20886